Dear divers, dear guests,
we got lots of emails, because everybody wants to know,
what happend on the 8th of january 2016 in the Bella Vista Hotel in Hurghada.




Here the official statement from the Bella Vista Hotel:

"The true story of what happened in Bella Vista Resort Hurghada


The whole situation didn’t take more than 4 minutes exactly ….
Two drugged young men attacked one of our hotel restaurants (Out of the hotel territory)
with fake gun (Plastic) and small knives, One of the attackers used his knife trying to stab
some of our guests (3 already injured), and then, our security and the hotel police man
dealt immediately within seconds with the 2 attackers and shot them down,
one was killed by police and the other was injured and captured.


The 3 guests are ok now, one had left the hospital yesterday within 2 hours after the attack
and the other 2 left the hospital this morning.
Any other rumors or news more than the above is nonsense and crap.
Most probably is to make propaganda that will affect the tourism in Egypt badly,
and that was the main aim.

God bless Egypt!

if yoiu have facebook, you can read the article on facebook:
Bella Vista Hotel auf facebook


We wish you all a nice day, best wishes

Your Paradise Divers



Dear diver,

from the 1st of january we will have new rules, at our diving center:

All divers with less then 25 logged dives, have to be guided with costs
and have to do their check dive at the house reef.

Every buddy team needs a buoy.

Thanks for understanding.

Your Paradise Divers