Our diving center

Since more than 25 years the diving center from the Paradise Divers exist in Safaga
and is well-known for the most familiar atmosphere.
You will find the Paradise Divers at the end of the beach at Safaga Paradise Abu Soma Resort 
and directly beside the Amarina Abu Soma Resort.
Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm.

What you can expect:
- a perfect organization
- high service
- our staff will bring your equipment to the boat
- minor repairs

Safety First:
Safety is very important for us, therefore every diver has to do a check dive.

You have to do following exercises:
- mask clearing
- regulator recovery
- buddy breathing

We will control your diving license and your logbook!
We will confirm you about the depth limits and Egyptians guidelines.
If you need we will give you a lot of information for Safaga and neighborhood.

What you will find:

Diver Bar & BBQ:
The divers bar from the hotel in front of our diving center is the central meeting point before
and after the daily diving. It is the ideal place to enjoy a drink, relax and share the day's exciting
dive experiences.
Every week you can join a BBQ at L´Oasis for all divers and their families!

Diving Center Shop:
In our shop you will find a large selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets from our current collection.  You will also find logbooks, mouthpieces etc.

We will ofer you our daily trips with our nice and huge boat Volkert 1 and El Prince Ali, we will try
to go once per week to the wreck "Salem Express".
If you need you can reserve  15l tanks.
Also we can arrange a nice daily trip to the amazing house reef of Sharm el Naga.
You will find our house reef directly in front of our diving center.

If you are a beginner or it is long time ago you’ve been diving you can get for an additional charge
of 5,- Euro a personal guide.

Divers with less then 25 dives, will be guided.

Learn diving:
"Paradise Divers" is a Volkert – Diving Center, which exercise you by PADI and CMAS guidelines.
Have a look at our „education“side.
Pro NRC rebreather courses are possible by request
Our instructors will teach in german or english!

You can rent your complete diving equipment a tour diving center.

We rent:
20 nitrox computer and air computer
30 Scubapro, Mares and Dive Pro BCD’s
30 Scubapro and Oceanic regulator with alterative  air supplz and pressure gauge
30 ABC-equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)
50 suits (long, 5 mm), 30 shorty ( 3mm )
digital camera (of request)

Dry room:
Your valuable dive equipment is safe in our huge dry room.
With 2 fresh water rinse tanks (one just for regulator, computers and cameras) you're sure
to get all the salt out of your equipment.
The dry room is open from 8am till 6pm and remain locked at all other times

complete equipment:
270 x 12l aluminum tanks
8l tanks for our youngest
15l tanks for request
Double valve for request
2 compressors
ProNRC Nitrox system
Puracon system to monitoring the atmospheric moisture

All our tanks will be checked by regular visual and hydrostatic tests!!!