Up to 3 persons, we can offer you following packages:

Family 20 (20 dives):
420 Euro
Family 30 (30 dives):
600 Euro
Family 40 (40 dives):
800 Euro

One family (up to 3 persons) can book packages from 20, 30 or even 40 dives, which you can devide
among each other.

These packages also including dives at housreef and from boat.

Special trips to Sharm El Naga, Coral Graden, Early Morning-, Sunset- and Night-Dives, diving courses
are not included in the "familien packages".

Please notice: There will be an additional charge of 5,- € permission fee every diving day.
These tax are not included in the diving package.

If you like to book one package, please send us an e-mail,  because you will get this offer only via internet.