Our daily trips

With our daily boat we will go every day to the reef sites around Safaga.

Meeting time is 8:15 am.
If we going to the inner reefes, you will dive at 2 different reefsites, if we going to the outer reefes, we will dive usually the south and the north plateau, but it depends on the reefsite.

Every boat from us, has at least one first aid case, all common medication, oxygen and first care
on board.

If you have a handicap, no problem for us, the crew and our diving instructors will be pleased
to help you!

At lunchtime, the crew will offer you a buffet. Every diver have the alternative to eat on the boat.
Please have at the end of the day 80 LE ready. For the drinks - softdrinks and big bottle of water,
you have to pay 10 LE.

Every diver can bring his own food, or lunch package, of course.

Tanks and weights are included in the daily dive package.

If you like to dive more, we can offer you a 3rd dive for an extra charge of 15 Euro and with prior consultation with the diving center.

In addition we can offer you also nightdives, wreck tours and early morning trips. 

Please notice, it is just possible to pay cash at our diving center, we can not accept any credit cards!